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Reality Measurements is a Canadian engineering consulting company that employs professional engineers and uses selected high-tech methodologies, equipment and software for 3D precision measurement in industry and forensics with specialization in 3D laser scanning, providing a complete in-house package of measurement, documentation, visualization and animation of data captured.


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Our Services

Laser Scanning

Link together thousands of 3D laser scans in a high resolution point cloud model used for measurements and design of as-built site data collected by a 1mm accuracy laser scanner.

Close Range Digital Photogrammetry

Measuring objects accurately to 0.001" with repeated reliability. The measurement process is non-contact allowing for measurements of objects inaccessible with standard procedures.

3D Animation & Visualization

Utilize the captured data to perform walkthroughs of your virtual site, produce animations of a future projects’ workflow, and integrate with cutting-edge plant asset management solutions.

Laser Tracker

Reality Measurements uses laser trackers for ultra-high accuracy 3D acceptance testing of important fabricated plant components and piping spool pieces, as well as part of a sophisticated vessel and pipe fitting technology to precisely cut, weld and radiograph highly-complex nozzle and piping segments before the start of a critical plant shutdown.


Laser Scanning is a valuable tool for Forensic applications because of the ability to preserve a crime scene long after it has been examined.

Thermal Growth

Many steam turbomachines are forced to operate for years with a reduced capacity due to excessive and unstable vibrations because they were aligned with inaccurate thermal movement values.