3D animation & visualization

3D laser scanned data can be presented in point cloud format or modeled. Models can be further animated if desired.

3D visualization of 3D models is an extremely powerful tool. Multimedia animations allow the viewer to immerse themselves into an environment that before was indescribable:

  • An entire site encompassing new roadwork, parking facilities, buildings and structures can be brought to life and seen before final design is completed.
  • Clients like to see final design steps before obtaining funding and before construction begins.
  • Engineers like to simulate the process and sequencing of a future construction project.
  • Police like to see the sequence of events that led up to or were involved in a crime or accident by laser scanning and animating the scene providing accurate evidence both in measurement and sequence.
  • Historical sites throughout the world can benefit from developing an on-site virtual representation of objects and locations to their tours, lessening the direct impacts of tourism and/or allowing those with disabilities to experience the past as well.

3D visualization allows you to see things, study them and correct any errors before they happen.

Animation may be viewed with laser scanning or digital photogrammetry and specialized animation software.