Laser scanning benefits

The main goal of 3D laser scanning is to assist the client in minimizing project design defects which leads to higher costs due to engineering rework and potential time delays in the projects. Laser scanning mitigates project risks and reduces the associated costs by providing the plant designer with a detailed "as-built" knowledge of the plant, thereby improving efficiency and reducing costly and time consuming mistakes.

The following typical benefits can be achieved by eliminating project design defects with 3D laser scanning:

  • Minimize rework with tighter quality assurance checks for primary tie-in interface points.
  • Reduce fabrication, tie-in and assembly errors by validating the new plant design with the as-built state prior to the detailed design.
  • Reduce costs from significantly fewer field trips.
  • Reduce field fabrication costs due to design errors and omissions.
  • Improve safety in the field because elevated manual measurements and field visits are minimized.
  • Reduce material costs through plant layout optimization.
  • Minimize plant shutdown periods.
  • Maximize work that is performed offshore.
  • Minimize offshore hot-work requirements.
  • Reduce plant construction time and minimize potential time project time delays.