Laser tracking - benefits

Laser Tracking is used for its quickness, repeatability and flexibility. The main idea when employing the Laser Tracker is to be absolutely certain of measurements taken to an extremely high degree of accuracy. These measurements give complete certainty that all data collected is completely reliable and can be delivered on site in real time.

Some Benefits of Laser Tracking:
  • Repeatable data using vision assisted measurement collection.
  • Environmental compensations.
  • Powerful math engine to control measurement network and best fitting of mechanical geometric features.
  • Procedures documentation as part of quality control system.
  • Extremely portable and durable.
  • Very high accuracy.
  • Can be used in all types of environment.
  • CAD graphical interface to work with real time 3D data.
  • Live data feedback for real time layout adjustments.
  • Power lock for quick and efficient detection of a reflector device.
  • Integrated WiFi system allows for cable-less operation (batteries can be hot-swapped for continuous workflow).
  • Provides real time 3D feedback to the layout team to fine adjust the workpiece position precisely and quickly.